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"The TTI Guardian has allowed us to reduce 3rd shift staff, yet still meet OSHA regulations and provide a safety system for our lone workers." Jason Brower, Plant Manager

Lone Worker Solutions

The TTI Guardian combines a personal duress alarm button with both Man Down and No-Response alarms. With the wireless repeaters deployed throughout a site, location information and alarms can be sent wirelessly to the Hub, or to other two-way pagers on the system. Not only is the location of the alarm relayed, the user information is also sent. This allows your response teams to not only know where to look, but also who to look for.

Three Types of Alarms

PERSONAL DURESS- The personal duress alarm is activated by a simple button press on either the call fob, or on the two way pager. User and location information is quickly sent across the repeater network back to the Hub and to other users on the system.
NO-RESPONSE- The No-Response feature can be turned on and off as needed. When making rounds or working in un-manned areas of a site the No-Response feature can be turned on to provide another layer of protection to your lone worker security. With the No-Response feature a periodic alert is sent to the workers pager or Fob requiring an acknowledgement back from their device. In the event of two missed responses a notification providing user and location information is sent to the Hub or two-way pagers on the system.
MAN-DOWN- Similar to the No-Response alarm, the Man-Down alarm feature can be turned on and off. With the feature enabled when the device is tipped beyond a certain angle a tilt switch inside the call fob or two-way pager automatically sends a notification providing user and location information to the Hub or two way pagers on the system.

Staff Communications

The TTI Guardian can also be used as an effective communications tool for staff members. Networked text messaging software allows messages to be sent from any PC on the facility network. Text messages can be sent to individuals, or to groups, along with a read receipts so the sender knows not only that the message was sent, but that it was received as well. Ideal for reaching mobile staff including maintenance, management, Emergency Response Teams, and more. Call logs on the lone worker system also track both messages sent and who responded.

Completely Wireless With Easy Installation

With existing buildings, wired duress systems are time consuming and expensive to install. The Guardian repeaters are completely wireless requiring no cabling and no A/C power. Designed to run for over two years before the standard alkaline batteries need to be replaced, installation is simple and inexpensive. Additional repeaters can be installed at any time to increase coverage, cover new additions, or even extend coverage to outdoor areas or between buildings. Both the two-way pager with personal safety alarm and the call fob operate on a long life AAA battery. The only powered component of the entire system is the Hub, which even comes with a battery back-up in the event of a power failure. In addition, there are no monthly airtime or recurring charges as with wireless carriers.